Working From Home

You really can find that ideal home based job!

Before you embark on your home based job search it's wise to think about your options.  There's quite a few different ways of working from home in a flexible way, you should consider them all.

Remote Employment

Often employers will want to keep down their overheads and offer an employed position based at the employer's home, you'll be paid the same way that a normal employee would do and depending on your skills and the job that you've been employed to do you'll be monitored on your performance, this is often referred to as remote employment or telecommuting. 

Self Employment

You may feel as though you'd like to be your own boss and therefore work as a consultant or direct seller for an established company.  You may well have to stump up some cash to invest in a starter kit or stock but most of these positions allow you to work from home, set your own targets and establish your own hours.


As you've been looking for work from home vacancies you may well have come across franchises.  Essentially you'll buy a proven business model and run a region or area under licence. The start up costs of a franchise may well be higher than that of a self-employed consultant but there's often schemes to help with costs (see how to finance your business here).

The pros of home working

You'll gain a freedom that otherwise wouldn't be available with the nine to five grind.  You'll often be your own boss but get the support needed if you invest in a franchise or licence.  Of course, you can often set your own hours, and there's no lengthy commute.

The cons of home working

You may well experience a lack of social interaction, this isolation appeals to some but others can find it a challenge. You'll have to cover the costs of electricity,  internet and phone, however, if you’ve agreed with your employer to work at home voluntarily - under a ‘homeworking arrangement’ - they may still contribute towards your expenses but don’t have to.  You can claim tax relief on expenses by printing and posting form P87 .

Avoid Scams

Google for reviews of the company that you'll be joining.  Avoid pay up front schemes unless your purchasing a starter kit or stock. Ask for references. Read more about avoiding home working scams here.

Go for

Award winning businesses. Make sure the work that you'll be doing is something you can be enthusiastic about, you'll need to be completely self-motivated when working from home.

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