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Focus On ... Essentially Aloe - for all your aloe vera needs.

Have the last few months, nearly a year caused you to re think where your income might be coming from? 

If you have thought like many others that it would be great to create a business that you are in control of and will give you financial piece of mind then this could be just what you are looking for. 

  •  Proven and successful business model. 
  •  Flexibile working hours which is even more important at the moment 
  •  Huge market demand
  •  A support network made up of like minded people who will offer you support and help whenever you need it. 

Earn a stable income with Forever Living.

Having a reliable and stable income at the moment is really important to families, especially as we are finding heating and food bills on the rise due to home schooling and home working. Julie's Forever income quickly became another string to her financial bow, and has been really happy to have this to fall back on, especially over the last 9 months. The wellness sector has seen year on year growth and 2020/2021 is set to be no different. More and more people are looking at ways to mantain health for their families and loved ones. Forever offers fantasitc, innovative products which seek to fulfill the needs of this growing marketplace.

How does it work?

We naturally recommend great products and services to friends and family everyday without thinking about it. This business works the same way, we use the products and feel confident in recommending them to others because we know Forever products are fantastic and great quality. What is vital is that you are clear about what you want to achieve from this opportunity for you and your family. Your mentor will help you to set goals and then work with you to achieve them in a way that fits around you and your commitments. This fantastic opportunity allows you the chance to work the hours you want, making this the perfect flexible career for you and your familiy. 

Contact Julie to find out more.  


Interview With ...

This month we speak to Teddy's Inc. EQ for Kids ...

Who is Teddy's Inc. EQ for kids?

We are emotional Intelligence (EQ) Development and Resource company that specialises in helping educators and parents to help children understand and express their emotions and to develop their emotional intelligence. Anxiety, worry, fear and stress holds you back from having fun and enjoying life to the fullest. Our Emotional Intelligence programme gives children and adults, the language to deal with their emotions and give them the skills to deal with the daily ups and downs of life. When you are emotionally intelligent you feel calmer, more confident, healthier in general and it is proven to enhance your mental health.

What are the benefits of becoming a Teddy's Inc. EQ Coach or Tutor ?

We have been specialising in this field for more than 17 years. We are veterans when it comes to to helping people to undestand themselves and to have better emotional and mental health. We offer an incredible amount of support and hand holding to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident to teach, and as long are you are part of our Teddy's Inc. EQ  family, you will receive ongoing professional development and training.

Why Teddy's Inc?

Our EQ Academy is fully accredited, and all EQ Coaches and Tutors trained by us, receive certification and accreditation too. We have taken a subject that has historically been very complex to teach and turned it into a fun step-by-step programme that makes teaching as easy, and as fun, as 'paint by numbers'. We are not a regular Franchise company; we give our qualified Tutors and Coaches the option of working independently or with us in a freelance capacity, and in line with our mission to make Emotional Intellligence and Essential Life SKills Available and Affordable to all. we charge a low one off training fee with a small monthly membership fee. 


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