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If you've picked the career you'd love to pursue but don't yet know the path to get there. Read on for help and advice. 

Tweet: If you've picked the career you'd love to pursue but don't yet know the path to get there. Read on for help and advice.

Do you want to know more about working for yourself? Got a lot of questions about tax, National Insurance, business records and expenses? If so, check out this  HMRC Guide to Starting your own Business.

Career Choices

Health, Medicine and Therapies

We've had so many people saying they would love to know more about jobs involved in 'Health, Therapies and Medicine'...we've written a Career Focus about them! We've interviewed parents who are practitioners and we've also included hints and tips on how to get into the health and care career here for more.


Ever thought about becoming a teacher? Good hours...great holidays? We looks at the reality of teaching with our interviews with teachers. We've also got the lowdown on routes into teacher training plus some ideas for teaching jobs you may not have thought of! here for more.


We've looked into all sorts of jobs that involve writing..ranging from being a Novelist or a Poet, to a Proofreader or Marketing Professional plus interviews with fantastic writers such as Michael Rosen, Ros Barber and Sara here for more.

Creative, Crafty & Cooking

We've spoken to a variety of people running their own business where they make something - everything from handmade cards to chocolates! They have all told us their story - what inspires them to be creative, how they have set up in business and most importantly how it fits round family life. Click here for more.

Direct Selling and Mystery Shopping

Direct selling only requires a very modest initial investment to start your own business - often less than £100. A bargain when you consider the average start up cost for a small UK business working from home is around £5,000. Your direct selling investment usually includes a range of the products, catalogues and other material. Click here for more.


If you would like to start up your own business but don’t have a specific business idea and/or are anxious about going it completely alone, you might consider purchasing a franchise. Click here for more.

Beauty, Hairdressing and Fashion

There are probably job opportunities available in the beauty, health and hairdressing sectors that you've never heard of or considered. Be open minded and consider everything, you never know, you may have an ideal career ahead of you that you haven't known about until now. Click here for more.

Business Management, Entrepreneurs - is it time to try something completely different?

Business managers are responsible for overseeing and supervising a company's activities and employees. Business managers oversee the activities of workers; hire, train and evaluate new employees and ensure that a company or department is on track to meet its financial goals.  Got a great business idea?  You may just be a budding entrepreneur! They organise, manage, and assume the risks of a business or enterprise Click here for more

Care Work

Everyone working in care absolutely loves it. We have some people who have taken care work as a career change and have never looked back. It’s a job where every day is different, you meet the most amazing people from all walks of life. You realise that in life, it’s often the small things you do for someone that really make the difference. Find out my about a career as a carer.

Flexible Work Within The Armed Forces and Uniformed Services

As the RAF celebrates its' Centenary Year mumandworking are taking time to focus on Flexible Working Opportunities within all Uniformed Services. The Armed Forces Flexible Working Bill was introduced in February 2018. The Armed Forces (Flexible Working) Bill is to deliver FES. FES recognises that many Service personnel have to balance service life with a variety of personnel responsibilities, such as caring for young families or for disabled, sick or elderly relatives. Find out more about working for the Armed Forces and Uniformed Services, from the Police Force, Fire and Rescue Service to Military jobs, you'd be surprised how flexible these can be.

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Kalma Life

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If you’re passionate about yoga and want to bend the rules to make working life as rewarding as family life then a Kalma Life Franchise is for you! Be your own boss, set your own working hours...
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