Can you run a successful business and leave your phone at home?

We've teamed up with successful business owners from Time For You to see how thinking outside the box and doing without your mobile phone can actually be good for business.

Over 61% of people asked claimed that they couldn’t ignore their smart phones or resist the urge of checking their updates at least once within the hour!

The action of patting down our pocket or checking our bags for a wallet or purse and keys is now less important than checking to make sure we’ve remembered our smart phone. We use our phones so much in the modern world that the idea of leaving home without it seems scary, if not downright absurd to some people.  But in the process have we overlooked some important aspects of being human and some of the benefits of being – unplugged? Here are five reasons that you should leave your phone at home more often.

Are you being bad mannered without realising?

In a survey by Mequillibrium, over 61% of people asked claimed that they couldn’t ignore their smart phones or resist the urge of checking their updates at least once within the hour. Sadly this amount of connection to social media and our emails means that we often can’t stop ourselves from swiping on our phones, even when we’re spending time with family, friends or even customers.  Whether looking down constantly while someone is talking to you to check an email, or looking at cat photos on Instagram while you’re supposed to be watching a film with your partner, our phones can drive a wedge between our human relationships and give off the impression that we are rude – even if it is an ‘accepted’ level of rudeness.

Is your smart phone use affecting your productivity?

While some people have hailed smart phones as productivity boosters, the fact that the average user checks their phone around 110 times per day has to have some level of impact on your ‘bricks & mortar’ work each day. Smart phones invite us to procrastinate and put off our most important work while we scroll down our ‘feeds’. Obviously to keep track of social media is important to our business but how much traffic does it really send to our websites and do wee need to check that on the hour every hour?


According to HealthDay News recent research conducted in the UK has found a link between smart phone usage and rising stress levels, with some smart phone users claiming that they feel a pressure to maintain their ‘social network’ and keep their social channels constantly updated. Does this sound familiar to you? Try swapping your phone for a book or a newspaper next time you have some free time and see if your mood improves. You may even be inspired by focusing on the world around you.

Being constantly in touch with the digital world isn't essential

Despite what you have been conditioned to believe, smart phones aren’t an essential part of our daily life. Try and remember what life was like before you were glued to your smart phone. How would you navigate without Google Maps? How would you pay for things? How would you communicate with your friends? Sometimes switching off can change the way you experience something, making you feel less passive when you experience it instead of being guided by your phone.

Believe it or not work can wait

While it’s true that in some jobs it is literally a matter of life or death as to whether you are contactable, nine times out of ten it’s not. So that email that pops up on your phone can wait until you’re back at your desk and even voice callers can leave a voicemail if it’s important. You’re leisure time is a valuable part of your daily routine and helps you to refresh yourself ready for your next working day.

Are you struggling to get a handle on the pressures of your daily routine? Maybe you need to think completely differently? Why not pop over and take a look at the Time For You website to find out what they can do to help you make a change and enjoy exactly that - more 'time for you'!

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