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Dance Classes for Children
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Posted: 2nd Jan 2022 Closing: 1st Feb 2022

Working for:
Betty Bloom Dance


Welcome to Betty Bloom Dance. An organization which is changing the way dance is being taught and experienced by children everywhere. 

We offer a fully comprehensive, non-ballet format which infuses imagination and creativity into lessons which enthuse children and bring out their very best! We strongly believe that every child matters and so our classes are inclusive, relaxed and are focused on building confidence and a joy of music and dance which will remain forever. 

We see dance as a life-skill rather than a simple extra-curricular activity. It helps with not only physical health but mental and emotional health and social intelligence. As teachers and providers of dance we are in a privileged position in bringing music and dance into someone’s life forever, and being a positive role model and mentor – we can make a difference!

As an owner of your own Betty Bloom Dance Academy, you will have the opportunity to grow a fantastic organization you can be proud of, influence children in the most positive way, and find arguably the most rewarding work of your life. 

Benefits & Opportunities:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Full time or Part Time – your choice
  • Build a truly worthwhile business
  • Term-time only classes - if you want so you can take every school holiday to spend with your family, travel, projects, etc
  • Earn extra income via holiday workshops, merchandise, birthday parties, nursery/schools programmes for both franchise packages, as well as dance exams, performances and adult classes for the Dance School Franchise
  • Make the business fit around you and your priorities
  • Excellent level of income and gross margins
  • Full live training sessions in dance for you, your teachers as as well as business support for you
  • Full ongoing support once you’ve launched your business, both live and online
  • Support with marketing, business and employment advice for the franchise lifetime
  • An opportunity to build an incredibly rewarding and strong viable longterm business


Investment Required:
Full Dance Academy Package: Part Time (2-3 days a week) - Franchise Cost £4995 Full Time (5 days a week) - Franchise Cost £7495 Smaller Packages: Buttercups Pre-School Daytime Classes - £2495 (P/Time) - £3995 (Full-time) Plus bolt-ons for Sweet Peas/Poppies/Lilies/Adult Classes between £1000-£2000 + 10% Management fee of T/O Suggested £1K for promotion/props/set-up/launch fees

The flexibility to work term time only means you can have all the school holidays off with your own family. You may opt to boost your income by running holiday programs and dance workshops within either of the options and we can provide you with the tools of our proven business model to implement all of this in a Franchise Area of your choosing. Our Bolt-Ons package enable you to grow at your pace

Projected earnings after 2-3 years: £40,000 - £100,000 + p/a Full Time £25,000 - £50,000+ p/a Part-Time

Best suited to:
People who * Have a passion for Dance * Would love teaching kids * Would love to make a valuable contribution to the lives of others * Want work to fit around their lifestyle * Want a rewarding income, both in terms of satisfaction and financial * Would enjoy building an incredibly lucrative and rewarding business they can be proud of

Finer Details

Type: Self Employed

Working Times:
Set My Own Hours

Working at home or Office:
Home Based

Area: UK Wide

Contact Details

Name: Kally

Telephone: 07785 232862

Website: Visit the Website

Facebook: Visit Page

Twitter: Visit Page


My view

Name: Kally Peigne

Location: Oxford

Life: Full-Time Dance Academy Principle

How often do you work?
I work 4.5 days a week my time is free to organise how I prefer and I often take a day or two off during the week when I am not teaching. I also reduce my working time right down during each half-term and school holiday for a break and to spend with family.

How does the job fit around your family life?
I have children and prioritise my family life. I also have a passion for competing my horses in dressage, which all fits very well around my work. I don't need to build in any extra exercise into my life as maintaining fitness is one of the perks of the job!

How much time do you commit?
The job is as busy as you want to make it. I decided I did not wish to open more classes/venues as I can cope with the current level very well and it does not eat into my lifestyle or my quality time. I know the name of every child and I prefer it like that. Quality over quantity every time.

Where do you carry out your work?
Mostly at home and I also teach 2-3 times a week at our venues - I have a fantastic team of teaching staff that teaches other venues/classes

Do you need a car?
Yes, as a principal it's important to be able to get to places at short notice. It is also useful for carrying around uniform orders, props for classes etc which you would not want to be carting around on public transport.

Do you get support/training?
Yes, Betty Bloom Dance Franchisees are continually supported in their roles, both as dance teachers and business managers/owners. There are regular training sessions to ensure we are continually developing and have everything we need to maintain the quality of our classes/business.

Would you recommend this opportunity to others?
Absolutely. You need to have a passion for dance and teaching kids. I've had a very successful career in the past, but absolutely nothing beats what I am doing now, as an extremely rewarding and fulfilling job, the ability to organise my own time and for the mental, physical and financial rewards I get from it.

Do you advertise?
Very little - word of mouth has been incredible for us. The children love our classes and tell all their friends. Also we get an excellent level of enquiries from Head Office as they manage the website SEO and branding.

Are there any downsides to the role?
As we teach over 300 students a week, it is always extremely busy. I may have to step in when one of the teachers is sick but that's the responsibility that comes with owning your own business. However as long as you are reasonably organised, you can configure the day to work for you.