This month we speak to diddi dance .....

Who are diddi dance?

We are a preschool dance class business that have designed our classes to help toddlers and preschoolers enhance their coordination and rhythm. We encourage and nurture their natural love of music and movement in a structured yet relaxed 45-minute class. We use an original diddi dance soundtrack and through dancing games, fun exercises, and props create a fun and funky session that children and grown ups love. We are the only provider, that throughout our terms, explores over 16 different dance themes and styles!

What are the benefits of a diddi dance franchise?

The benefits of a franchise are that you are part of a network of franchisee's that support and nurture each other, in business for yourself but not by yourself. You are awarded an exclusive territory where you live, full training is provided, and given ongoing support from our head office team, to ensure that you have a well respected and profitable business in a box. 

Why diddi dance?

We are a fully accredited member of the CAA (Children's Activities Association) network and have a 5* franchisee satisfaction rating. This is awarded to us every year from the franchise industry's independent satisfaction survey, and we have been lucky enough to be awarded 7 years running! We are also celebrating out third appeariance in the top 100 franchises in the UK.

How have diddi dance stepped up in recent time?

diddi dance has been lucky enough to continue operaton throughout the national lockdown, moving to online classes with "diddi dance in da house" . This has ensured that all our franchisee's have been able to continue with their business, and have successfully returned to physical classes in the community throughout September. Our business is completely Covid secure and has all of the relevant procedures put in place to make sure that we can keep running through current restrictions.

Our moving mission .......

Our founder Anne-Marie says "Setting healthy habits in children before the age of 5, is so important to how movement is viewed throughtout life. Physical activity releases endorphines creating positive emotions and feelings which promote emotional and mental health as well as the obvious health and fitness benefits. It can help relive stress and enforce body positvity. Activities in the early years are key and by encouraging both genders in non-competitive activities can help with their confidence and social skills. Being physically active should be fun, something to enjoy and look forward to rather than too disciplined and intimidating. Positively encouraging children to be active will impact their views and behaviours into school and even adult life. My passion lies in dancing although we want to encourage all forms of physical activity with #themovingmission. diddi dance sessions are all-inclusive which we belive promotes acceptance of diversity and all abilities"

Will you join us in the #themovingmission and encourage a love of moving that will last a lifetime?

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