Advertiser Terms and Conditions

Please read the following carefully before advertising with us.


“Vacancy” Any employment or business opportunity
"We", "Us" or "Our" What's On 4 Ltd T/A Grow4th
“Company” Person or persons who are offering the Vacancy
“Vacancy Listing” All the details and images submitted for a Vacancy to describe it for the purpose of display on the Website
“Subscription” The period that the Vacancy Listing is displayed on the Website.

Content of Vacancy Listings

We accepts activity details in good faith and expects that Company will provide an accurate description of their Vacancy.

All Vacancy Listings should comply with relevant UK legislation including the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 (which covers false descriptions). The Company agrees to indemnify Us against all claims costs arising out of any misleading information in the activity details.

We will take every care to reproduce faithfully the text, prices, contact details and logos provided to us by Company. We will not however be held liable for any loss arising out of any error or omission on our part.

We reserve the right to determine the design and layout of Vacancy Listings, and (at our discretion) make alterations to submitted details or logos, should we consider it to be necessary. We will not be held liable for any loss arising out of such alterations.

Vacancy Details

We advise against copying your Vacancy description from other Websites or adverts due to Google and other search engines policy on duplicate content.

If you copy the activity details on your Vacancy Listing from another Website we cannot guarantee that your Vacancy details will be listed in any search engine. It is your responsibility to ensure that the description is unique and informative.

Vacancy Listing standards

When submitting your Vacancy details you agree to the Vacancy Listing Standards. If when reviewing your Vacancy Listing it does not meet our standards it will be suspended until the appropriate changes are made.

All changes to the Vacancy Listing made by yourself, are monitored and your Vacancy Listing will be suspended if your Vacancy Listing does not meet our standards.

Materials and Logs

We will take the utmost care of all materials and logo provided for Vacancy Listing, but cannot be held liable for any loss or damage however caused.


It is the responsibility of the Company to ensure they have the right to reproduce any digital images that they supply to us. The Company agrees to indemnify Us against all claims costs arising out of any infringement of copyright for such images.

All digital images produced by Us from digital images supplied by Company are the property of Us, and shall not be reproduced without our permission.


We cannot be held liable for any loss or damages howsoever incurred, including consequential losses such as lost income, in connection with Subscription on the Website.

Link to Personal Website

We will (at our sole discretion) include one link per Vacancy Listing to a Company website. This link will be placed beneath the contact details at the end of the advertisement. The Company website must relate only to the Vacancy on our Website. We reserve the right to refuse such links, or remove them without notice.

Exchanging Vacancy Listings

Each Vacancy Listing relates to a particular Vacancy that is given a unique reference number. It is not allowable to substitute a different Vacancy by changing the text on a Vacancy Listing.

Vacancy Locations

Vacancies at more than 1 location must not be described on a single Vacancy Listing.

You may not advertise in a location that you do not offer that Vacancy.

Sharing your details

We will never share your details with any other party without your consent. 

We might appoint a third party processor outside the EEA to store the data on our behalf.


Payment must be made immediately by credit card, debit card or cheque. The period of advertising will not be extended to reflect any non-paid period. The period of advertising will end after the period of advertising paid for from the date the invoice is issued.

If a cheque payment is not honoured then we reserve the right to charge £25 to cover costs and administration.


We will send you a renewal email approximately 2 weeks before you're renewal date. 

Refusal, Termination or Withdrawal of Vacancy Listing

Ww reserve the absolute right to refuse to accept or withdraw any Vacancy Listing submitted. If the Vacancy Listing has been paid for on-line a full refund will be made, or if a cheque has been received by post this will be returned. Under no circumstances will any compensation be payable by Us for any loss howsoever incurred, including loss of income, the time/cost involved in submitting the Vacancy Listing etc.

If We receives a complaint about an Vacancy Listing, we reserve the right to remove that Vacancy Listing from our web site without notice, if in our opinion the complaint is reasonably substantiated. Such complaints could relate to the accuracy of details in theVacancy Listing. In all cases our decision will be final.

A refund will not be paid and under no circumstances will any compensation be payable by Us for any loss howsoever incurred, including loss of income, re-advertising costs etc.

The Company may choose to withdraw their Vacancy Listing from the Website – please notify us in writing. If the Vacancy details are listed on our Website for more than 14 days then payment will not be refunded.

They may also request that that their Vacancy Listing is reinstated at any time during the period of Subscription purchased. Please note that the period of Subscription will not be extended to allow for the time when the Vacancy Listing was not showing on the web site.

Level of Service

We will make every effort to provide Company with a first class service. We will endeavour as far as practical to ensure that the Website is available on the Internet at all times. However some breaks in service are inevitable and often beyond our control, we are therefore unable to guarantee 100% availability.


We may change the content of the terms and conditions, and our Vacancy Listing standards during your period of Subscription - notice will be given prior to any change via email.

Vacancy Listing Standards

Our standards have been introduced to ensure that your Vacancy Listing looks professional and user friendly. We want to supply vistiyors with up-to-date, and accurate information, which will enable them to find out what they need to know from your Vacancy Listing.

Every Vacancy Listing submitted to us will be reviewed to ensure that it meets these standards. If a Vacancy Listing does not meet our standards, then we will suspend the Vacancy Listing until the Company makes the appropriate changes.

Duplicate Activity Details

You must not, duplicate your Vacancy Listing details from any other Website or advertisement, the descriptions must be unique. Search engines are now removing pages which have been copied from, or duplicated on another site.

Website link

A website can be linked from your advertisement, but your website must not promote any Vacancies that are not listed on our website..

Quality of Logos

You can provide a logo to represent your Vacancy that will be displayed alongside your Vacancy Listing. Logos which are fuzzy, and of bad quality, too large or too small will be rejected.

Enquiry Response times
Genuine enquiries should be responded to in a timely manner. We want to promote our company as friendly and professional and if we feel that a Company is bringing our image into disrepute then we will investigate any complaint.


Complaints from users of our Website are treated very seriously. If we have evidence that your Vacancy Listing does not meet UK advertising standard laws we have the right to suspend or terminate your Vacancy Listing.

Vacancy Details

We expect the Company to update the Vacancy details if any changes happen.

Accuracy of your Vacancy Listing

Please ensure that the Vacancy Listing is checked for spelling and grammar - no CAPITAL LETTERS anywhere on the Vacancy Listing please, it looks unprofessional and does not follow Internet etiquette

Promoting your Vacancy

You must describe your Vacancy accurately. We recommend that you give us much information about the Vacancy as possible and use all spaces to provide the information requested.

HTML tags and code

For those who are knowledgeable in HTML code and tags - please do not enter any code into the submission form. The Vacancy Listing is designed to load quickly, and be viewable in different browsers - entering this code could affect the loading of the Vacancy Listing.

Further information

Completion of the registration pages on our Website confirms your agreement to our standards

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