Children and Babies.....


Children love Carddies because...

  • They are happy, friendly and great fun

  • You bring them to life when you colour them in

  • They become your own when you give them a name

  • You play with them for hours, making up stories and games

  • You can keep them safe and tidy in their perfect box

  • You can carry take them with you wherever you go

  • You can collect them..

..there are lots of Carddies sets to choose from!

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Our reviewer Tiani from Wales Our reviewer Alex from Wales mumandworking Team Member Nicki
5 stars 5 stars 4 stars

These little card people were brilliant. 

The packaging on the product doesn’t really do it justice and I wasn’t expecting what was inside. 

The very sturdy card people are printed on both sides to colour in and the variety of coloured pencils is great. 

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed colouring these in and even recorded a little video story on her tablet using her Carddie people!

My 4 year old daughter really enjoyed playing with the Carddies.

She really enjoys colouring in and also recreating little scenes and play with figures so this combined her love of both!

The drawings were very clear and card strong enough for long play and she found putting the stands on the bottom of the card quite easy.

Overall a lovely little game for the age group recommended, would definitely recommend to others

Brilliant product, a bit different from anything else out there at the moment. Great way to get children using their imaginations, I bought the London set for my nephew.

The set is easy to use and everything they need is supplied so they can get colouring straight away, once my nephew had finished colouring in the set  it took pride of place on his shelf in his room.

The only negative point I have is that the packaging lets it down, not something I would have picked up off the shelf had I not received a recommendation from a friend first which is a shame as it is a great little product. Will be buying more soon!


babyboomboom’s multi-lingual musical products provide a fun way to familiarise toddlers and pre-schoolers with the sounds of a sebabyboomboom language cd's for kidscond language through music and rhythm.

This simple and fun approach helps little ones develop an interest in other languages and can give them a head start in life.

The product contains 16 well-known songs and nursery rhymes in English, with each verse repeated in a second language; currently available in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Welsh, Chinese Mandarin and Scottish Gaelic, with other languages being added all the time.  Songs are recorded in an easy-to-listen style using native speakers.

The CDs are also available in a band-bag which contains four high quality musical instruments specially designed for small hands.

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Our reviewer Tiani from Wales mumandworking Team Member Kristy Our reviewer Alex from Wales
4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

My kids really enjoyed the Baby Boom Boom CD (Spanish and French), they were singing along to the English songs and listening to and attempting the Spanish versions. Although, the translations were a bit rushed! It seemed like the Spanish translation of many English words were very long and when they tried to fit it all in, the words got a bit jumbled and that made it hard to follow along.

It might have been more helpful to learn the English version of songs written originally in Spanish like ‘Cierto Lindo’ because it would have been easier to understand the Spanish pronunciation when the song flowed better and wasn’t as rushed.  It would also have been more culturally educational for them to learn what children sing in Spanish speaking countries.

Still an enjoyable CD for the kids, who asked for it every time we were in the car!

Having recently moved to Wales my daughter now has to learn Welsh - quite a large task for a 12 year old. I thought that this CD - whilst designed for younger children - would maybe help her with pronunciation and confidence.

As the songs are all common nursery rhymes it makes it easier to understand which the translated word is - although we did skip a lot of the English version songs with the phrase 'I'm far too old' thrown in a couple of times!

Overall we think the Cd's are a fantastic way of integrating language skills into a childs life. Fun and entertaining whilst educational at the same time! The CD has definitely boosted my daughters Welsh pronunciation and her confidence at learning another language.

Me and my 4 year old daughter listened to this CD many times together. The packaging for the CD is attractive and clear to read. When I put the CD in, it was easy to navigate around. There is in introduction explaining what the CD is about and this voice is clear to understand.

The songs play in English first then welsh, verse by verse and we found this good so that you can match the translation easily and also the repetition also means the children are more likely to pick up the language. The singers sang clearly and had enthusiastic voices to keep our attention and their English and Welsh pronounciation was very clear. There was a whole variety of songs, some action songs on there too, which my daughter loved. My daughter is currently learning basic Welsh at school so she already knew some of the songs, and I work in a primary school in Wales too and have just started also picking up some songs in Welsh so this was very useful for me.

As the Welsh accent and language is very fast and quick, sometimes it was hard to pronounce the words, but maybe this could be rectified with slowing down the tempo a bit.

Overall we loved it and would use it again both in my home and workplace.