3 Springtime Crafts for all the Family

With so many vibrant plants and cute animals coming out of hibernation, spring is the perfect season to get inspired and do some crafting. Whether you want to bring the colour of the outdoors to your home or distract the little ones, people of all ages are sure to love the final result of your creativity. Not sure where to get started? Spark your imagination with our three favourite springtime crafts that the entire family can get involved with.

Paper Tulips

What could be better than a bunch of tulips brightening up the room? Ones made by your little one, of course. They’re super easy to make, beautifully vibrant and never wilt, making them the perfect addition to any room. You’ll need the right supplies when getting stuck into these child-friendly crafts, specifically bright coloured card, green straws for stems, a hole puncher, scissors and a glue stick.


  • Start by drawing and cutting out a basic tulip shape with no stem but rather a rounded bottom and three points.
  • Accordion fold the flower head four times before punching a hole directly in the centre while it’s still folded.
  • Unfold it and weave the straw in and out through the four holes, chopping off the top if it looks too long.
  • Finally, cut out two leaves from the green card and glue them to the bottom of the straws to create your tulip.

Bumblebee Roll

One of the best thing about spring is the diligent bumble bees coming out of hibernation. Not only do they help the environment, but they also make great inspiration for spring crafts. Create an adorable bumble bee of your own with this toilet roll craft by Easy Peasy and Fun. You’ll need an old toilet roll, googly eye stickers, yellow, scissors, a black marker, light blue and black paper as well as a glue stick.


  • Cut the yellow paper so that it’s the same width as the roll, apply glue to the edges and stick it on so the whole roll is covered.
  • Cut out two strips of black paper and apply one around the centre and around half an inch lower, so there is yellow still showing either side of the black stripes.
  • Stick on two of the googly eyes before drawing on a happy smile to make the face of your bee.
  • Use the light blue paper to cut out two wings and glue them on the back before cutting out two small stripes of black paper.
  • The last step is to glue these on at the front but inside the roll, so they’re hidden - they’ll look more like antennas this way.

Cupcake Chicks

There's nothing cuter than a tiny chick chirping while it hops around. Often considered to be a symbol of spring, you can’t get stuck into seasonal crafts without making a few cupcake chicks. Created by I Heart Crafty Things, they’re super easy to make using cheap supplies. As well as the usual glue and scissors, you’ll need to stock up on green paper, mini yellow cupcake liners, orange paper, yellow tissue paper, googly eyes and orange crayon.


  • Start by glueing as many of the mini cupcake liners as you want onto the green paper, being careful not to tear them.
  • Apply the googly eyes before cutting out a small diamond from the orange paper, fold it in half and glue it on as a beak.
  • Cut out two little heart shapes out of your yellow tissue paper per chick and stick them on either side to look like wings.
  • Finish it off by drawing some little feet with the orange crayon and you’re done!

This spring, enjoy some time as a family tackling these simple but effective crafts - whether it’s a rainy day in April or a warm spring afternoon in the garden, these can be done anywhere with a table and a little bit of time.

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