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mumandworking was founded in 2006 as a direct solution for mums trawling the internet to find the ideal job that would allow them to spend time with their children and contribute to the family bank balance.

So how can we help job seeking mums? We’d like to share some of knowledge and experience to get you where you want to be this year!Jobs For January

Nine years after mumandworking started we’re still connecting flexible employers with mums that both want and need to work. We’ve seen out a recession, we’ve seen entrepreneurs grow their small ideas into International businesses.  One thing stands the test of time; if you know your market and your product well you’ll eventually succeed.

From the party planner, building a circle or likeminded customers who enjoy their product and the company of other mums to the franchisee using a proven business model to catapult them to financial success and every person who’s working flexibly in between, it is crucial to know and love your product and be extremely aware of who’s not only going to want to buy what you have to offer but buy into you as well.

Do your research

So if you’re thinking about applying for an employed position, do your research, do you know your customers? Could you find out more about the company and the product you’ll be selling?  Have you checked out all press releases and social media concerning the business you’re thinking of entering?

Video applications

This is something that was definitely not considered crucial in 2006.  But as remote working has become the main stay of many businesses the necessity to sell yourself via video has developed. It might be a daunting task to create a three minute long video where you talk about yourself but if you plan before you film and memorise what you want to say your performance will go well, if not, then simply delete and start again. It’s a good idea to share this with a friend before you send it on to your potential new employer.

Social Networking

social networking work How many times have you picked up your smart phone today?  Have you checked out your facebook or twitter feed as much as your email inbox? More?  We thought so.  You might like to consider that your prospective employer or business opportunity provider will have done the same, and they’d have checked out what you have to say.  If you’ve absent mindedly criticised somebody or even worse have used blue language on your social media it’d be best to edit that before it becomes your unofficial CV.  Of course, it’s good to have an opinion, and expressing an interest in various matters true to your heart will stand you in good stead, but be aware that your opinion may not be completely shared by everybody.

Of course many more things have changed, the number of people working from home has seen a dramatic increase over the last few years, the UK now has 4.2m people working from home, 63% of home workers were self-employed, these people are not starting up out of necessity through lack of jobs, they are responding to new opportunities that technology brings. 

So let's embrace change and keep providing flexible work for mums over the next 9 years!  Want to join us?  Search for a flexible working position here.

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