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Erotic Short Story Writer - Deanna Derbyshire

Deanna Derbyshire runs the website

The Interview

Name - Deanna Derbyshire

Location - Cheshire

Family - 1 boy aged 14, and twin girls aged 13. I'm a single mum (divorced)


How did you become an writer? What is your background?

From being very young, I loved reading books and poetry and was one of the few kids that enjoyed English Literature at school. Later, in what now seems a previous life, I worked in accounts and eventually owned my own Nursing Home in the private sector. I held memberships in the Local Heath Authority and Community Health Council and others. During this period I acquired various skills and knowledge, achieved NVQ assessor status; a business based postgraduate qualification and achieved the Investor in People award. My report writing skills were well honed. On the personal side, I married, had three children, including one set of twins, underwent a couple of major operations and then got divorced. It was a full and busy period in my life although I was well organised and had excellent support. In recent years and to cut a long story short. I remarried, sold my businesses, went to art college for a year, lived abroad for two years and returned to the UK. I separated from my husband and became a single mum again. My children are still quite young therefore it is important for me to work from home. I started working for myself with a Health and Wellness company, which I continue to do on a part time basis. I now also freelance, writing website copy, marketing project, provide marketing mentoring courses.

What inspired you to set up Sensual Reading?

Last year I undertook a life coaching course for mums to improve my self confidence and to find clarity and focus. The course worked wonders and seemed to ignite my creativity. I was feeling frustratingly creative; I knew that I wanted to write but I felt that there were far too many business related books and experts out there already. I had assumed, based on my background, that business was the topic area for any writing endeavours. I had actually talked about writing a number of times over the years, but simply never got round to doing it. I had this idea that I had to write a book, which seemed too daunting at the time. Apart from that life in general seemed to take over and be my priority.
It was a chance discussion with friends about what women really want, how many in our age group are shy about sex, having fun and exploring their sensuality, for fear of not being considered a lady. I researched the elements from a physiological basis, the naughty verses nice implications for women, the definitions of sex, erotica, sensuality and enjoyment compared to pornography. I gathered male and female perspectives of these elements, the results and feedback prompted me on to write a short sensually erotic story aimed at discerning women, which I gave out for feedback. The positive comments gave me the confidence to continue to develop my website and to write additional stories. This is an ongoing process.

How does your writing fit round your children?

Fitting the writing around the family is no problem at all. Due to the nature of the stories, I write only when the kids are at school or in bed. My freelance work, my marketing mentoring and my health and wellness business take up most days, so I do end up having several late nights writing.

If a Mum wanted to write for Sensual Reading do you have any advice?

I would encourage any mum wishing to write for Sensual Reading to join the mailing list on the website to obtain a free copy of 'Her Morning Shower', read it and notice how it affects their own senses then read it again to notice how it is written. I don't write to a set format, the stories are all different but the style, language and sensual intent is important. They should then sit down without the kids around and start writing their own story with similar sensual intent. Most importantly, let your imagination run riot and forget all the things your mother might have told you about sexy sensuality being naughty and unladylike. Don't be Shy – Be Sensual!

Any tips on what makes a good story?

What is a good story to one person is a bad story to another. I think if the writer has researched their topic area, obtained impartial and honest feedback from a variety of people and are pleased with their own efforts, then it's a good story.
I particularly like continuity in a story, which comes from my report writing days. I always aim to write my stories so that they draw the reader into the story, become involved in it. This takes plenty of thought and time and several drafts. It can be more challenging to write what I call a sexy sensually descriptive story than one that is full of what many women feel are less savoury words, so getting the balance right is important for your intended audience.

How do you accept submissions?

I accept original un-published draft or final copy submissions via email It should be easy to read on screen and include the writers name, address, and telephone contact details, copyright remains with the writer at all times. Submissions are read by me and my editor. The writer will be contacted as soon as possible within one week to advise whether they have been successful or not.


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