10 Outdoor Activities for all the Family

There is so much fun to be had outdoors amongst nature. From exploring new settings to discovering new species of bugs and birds. Spend some quality time with the family with these top ten outdoor activities.

1. Puddle Splashing

It’s a common thing to hide away inside when it starts to pour down but you’re actually missing valuable outdoor time if you do this. There is something quite liberating about running around in the rain and jumping in puddles. This activity is particularly great if you have young children. With Wellington boots and their waterproof kids' coats they’ll be all set for splashing in muddy puddles - they can even turn it into a game.

2. Go for a Walk or Hike

There are so many beautiful nature trails to embark on around the UK. Take a stroll through the trees of your local woodland park. Soak in the sounds of your surroundings and enjoy exploring whatever the weather. If you’re going to find it hard to convince your family to join you on a walk, choose an activity nature trail to make it more interesting.

3. Nature Activity Trail

Some forests have Gruffalo inspired trails where you can go in search of your favourite characters who are nestled among the trees. For older children, Geocaching has become a popular activity. This is a global scavenger hunt where you look for time capsules that have been planted by others in unusual places around the UK.

You could even all go on a long bike ride through the countryside. Getting out of the house and exploring the world together is something that can be treasured. Enjoy riding through the countryside, getting some exercise and enjoying the weather. 

4. Beside the Seaside

There is something quite relaxing about walking along the beach to watch the waves roll into shore. There’s plenty of excitement to be had down by the coast too. From sandcastle competitions, collecting seashells to jumping over the waves, it’s the ideal place to let your imagination run wild. Even digging a big hole can be enough activity to occupy a busy child. No trip to the beach is complete without enjoying an ice cream in the sunshine too.   

5. Have a Picnic

One of the easiest ways to get the kids outdoors is to enjoy a picnic together on a sunny afternoon. Whether you’ve cooked a meal or rustled up some snacks, bring a blanket and enjoy eating alfresco. Picnics pair nicely with an outdoor game, so make sure you pack a football or tennis rackets.

6. Outdoor Movie

If you have a projector you can create your own outdoor cinema. Gather some blankets and cushions and set up camp in your back garden. Sit down together and watch a movie. You could provide themed snacks with plenty of popcorn. If you’ve got old home movies this can be an extra special way to watch them as a family. If you don’t have a projector, enjoy some music outdoors instead - as long as you don’t upset the neighbours.

7. Grow your own Veg

Whether you want to grow fruit, vegetables or see how tall you can grow a sunflower, enjoy quality time as a family in the garden. Making your own vegetable patch can be easy and cheap to do - and is a long term activity to get the family involved in. All you need is a few planters, seeds and compost. From the initial planting to nurturing the seedlings and watching them grow, this is a great hands-on activity to help teach your little ones about photosynthesis and where food comes from.          

8. Go Camping

Camping is a great idea for a holiday brimming with outdoor adventure. Take a weekend away from home comforts and technology and head into the wild where you can fully immerse yourself in nature. Spend your holiday spotting wildlife, roasting marshmallows, going on long walks and enjoying life in the slow lane. Even setting up a tent in the back garden can be a good activity.

9. Discover Insects

Take a magnifying glass and get exploring nature’s wonders. Find and identify the creepy crawlies in your garden or head to the woods for a bigger adventure. You could extend this to bird watching. Enjoy making a homemade bird feeder and see which species come to visit your garden.   

10. Build a Fort

Forage for building supplies and construct a fort in your back garden. Get everyone involved to help find the recycled materials. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could even find the perfect low-branched tree and build a treehouse.

However you spend your time outdoors, it’ll be memorable and enjoyable as you’ll be together as a family.

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