Why you should enter business awards and how to get started

Sam Willoughby is a multi-award winner herself, as is her business What’s On 4.  Add to this the fact that What’s On 4 has run countless  award programmes since 2006 then we think Sam is in a great position to give you the best advice on winning your first business award.

By entering business awards you stand a good chance of gaining many benefits!

  • Increase your revenue
  • Product Sales
  • PR
  • Integrity and endorsement
  • Expert Status
  • Prizes
  • Experience

Why companies run business awards

  • Increase their revenue
  • Product Sales
  • Sponsorship
  • PR
  • Integrity
  • Expert Status
  • Genuine passion

Straightaway you can see a big overlap in why you should want to win business awards and why the company running the awards programme does it.  Worth bearing in mind that you have the same objectives.

How to enter business awards

 Treat it like any other PR campaign

Research it

Find the right awards programme (Google is your friend here, but ask your network too)

There are hundreds of awards schemes for every industry and business stage

Does it fit with your brand values and business goals?

  • Plan it
  • Set objectives
  • Schedule the work
  • Monitor progress
  • Debrief afterwards

Create that winning application

Study the detail of the award programme very carefully

Previous winners





What happens if you get to the next stage?

 Congratulations! Thank the organisers with enthusiasm    

  • Tell your team
  • Use it – in fact do everything that you would do if you’d won
  • Ask for help with the PR from the organisers if they don’t offer it (remember they are doing this for
  • PR too!
  • Write a press release and send to your local media
  • Update your website, marketing material, use social media (twitter, facebook, linkedin etc) to tell your
  • Network, include on your newsletter and email signature
  • Mention in conversation 

 Be clear about what is required from you next, this could be:

More information

An interview with the judges

Attending an awards event

Go, and if you really can’t send a representative.  Some awards programmes state you must attend the ceremony.

Read any instructions carefully

Prep a short speech

Take your friends, family and team

Don’t drink too much

Enjoy it


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