Why Organisation is Key For Busy Mums

Modern mums are constantly spinning plates, aren’t they? Achieving the perfect work-life balance is prefaced with an obstacle course of dinners to make, careers to fulfil, kids to care for, laundry to do and – goodness knows – plenty more. A happy medium between family time, work time and ‘me’ time, therefore, is precisely the reason why organisation is key for busy mums.

Organisation will make your life easier

Keeping on top of the kid’s after school activities, as well as the whole family’s dentist appointments, eye check-ups and dinner dates will help you feel on top of everything. Why not invest in a family home planner? A specialist calendar like this one has a space for up to six family members, every single day of the month. You’ll quickly see if anything clashes, and on what days you and your partner are going to need to divide and conquer to get through the week!

It will help you get some much-needed ‘me’ time

Organised mums know that making the effort to keep at least one step ahead of the rest of the family means they can steal an occasional moment for themselves. Granted, even with the best planning skills in the world ‘me time’ is a rare and elusive thing… But, small organisational efforts like filling up with fuel during the school pick-up means you’ll get an extra ten minutes alone in bed the next morning. Bliss!

Organisation will help you to sleep more soundly at night

There’s nothing like a never-ending to do list to drive the soundest of sleepers into raving insomniacs. Reduce your worries by prioritising. Every day, (and every night if you’re particularly anxious), write a list of 3 top tasks to complete, and do the same for the following day. Everything else can wait, so don’t sweat it if you don’t make it to item number 4! Also, automate as much admin as you can: if you have regular bills that need paying, do yourself a favour and set up direct debits that will take care of themselves. If you’ve a one-off payment to make, bite the bullet and get it done: you’ll feel better for paying what you owe rather than burying your head with worry.

It will help you keep your home feeling like somewhere you want to be

Finally, organising the space and stuff within your home will help you feel like your life is well balanced, so get on top of the clutter. If you can’t bear to part with the toys and clothing the kids have long since grown out of, consider storing it using a service like readysteadystore. It’s also important for busy mums to have an appropriate place for everything: designate a laundry room so your home doesn’t feel overrun by piles of ironing, stow away gismos and gadgets into storage drawers, and make sure the kids do their bit around the house too. For more fantastic tips for getting organised, check out the secrets of one unflappable working mother and for more hints and tips on flexible working browse our advice pages…

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