This month we talk to Marina Roberts, an Independent Organiser and Team Leader with Usborne Books At Home. 

Marina is a mum of 2 and has a flexible business selling children's books.

Tell us a bit about your business, Marina!

My business is all about inspiring children to open more books. I believe that all children should have a chance to learn new things about life, about each other and our whole world. My job is to introduce as many children as I can to our wonderful books that ignite imagination, inspire and help developing a lifelong love of reading.

What is Usborne Books At Home?

Usborne Books At Home is a direct selling division of Usborne Publishing, and has just celebrated 35 years of bringing books to life to children, parents, schools and nurseries through the personal touch and recommendations of Independent Organisers like myself.

We are committed to ‘provide everyone with the opportunity to write a better story for their family’. We do it through our personal mentoring system to ensure that everyone who joins gets adequate support to achieve their best.

How do people become Usborne Organisers?

Becoming an Usborne Organiser is simple – you join by signing up on the website, at which point you will be assigned to a team of fellow organisers who have varying levels of experience. You can set up anywhere in the UK or Europe and receive this high level of support and encouragement.

Your Team Leader/Mentor will contact you and together you will agree the level of support you require. You don’t need to have any special experience as all the necessary training is provided.

Learn more at or call me on 07783 017022.

How much does it cost to join?

What is great about this business opportunity is an unbelievably low start-up cost. For just £38 you will receive your Starter Kit containing books and stationery worth over £150, and you are ready to start selling.

How much can I earn?

You earn 24% on everything you sell and it can increase as your business grows. When working with the higher volume of orders from schools you get 20% commission of the total order.

You can also recruit new people into the business to become part of your team. The company and your mentor will support you as you learn new skills of managing a team and you get a monthly cash bonus based on your team’s performance.

What is your work day like?

We always choose when, how long and how to sell books. Booking home parties, events, organising school/nursery book fairs and reading competitions are just a few ways of selling.

I start my work after I dropped my children off at school and walked my dog. I make phone calls, post on my team’s Facebook page, and send emails to future party hosts and new Organisers. Sometimes I have to work around other commitments, so I do all these things on the go or in the afternoon.

When I am booked to have a stall at let’s say a local village fair, I pack my books into boxes, go to my location and set up for a few hours. During this time I have an opportunity to sell books directly, take orders and make new contacts for future parties or business conversations. This is also where I meet likeminded people, who are interested to join my team.

Is there any pressure to sell or meet targets?

At Usborne we don’t have any targets or minimum orders except those, that we set for ourselves. When you first join, your only obligation is to order £100 of books within your first 12 weeks.  Most new starters are able to exceed this at their first launch party.

You can choose to work towards the company’s generous incentives – free books, cash bonuses, refund of your Starter Kit and promotion benefits. These are very realistic to achieve but completely optional.

Am I the right person to be an Usborne Organiser?

Anyone, who loves books would find this opportunity rewarding and fun! If you have young children then they would surely benefit from the flexibility of your working hours and free books, that you get every time you place an order.

Everyone joins for a different reason –

  • to get free books,
  • to contribute to literacy levels,
  • to fund a charity project,
  • to have a flexible earning opportunity, etc.

But all of them can lead to building a sustainable business, that provides full-time income but allows you to stay around your children when they need you the most.

If you would like to discuss this opportunity please get in touch either by email  or by phone/text 07783 017022

And if you already want to join in the fun of Usborne books, sign up on the website and start today! Join my team


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