Phone Interview Fear?

If you dread the thought of job interviews you will probably fear phone interviews even more. Phone interviews can be harder to do well because the interviewer cannot see you to read your body language or expressions. Phone interviews are becoming more and more popular as a faster 1st round of interviews and for some jobs it’s the only interview.

But fear not, we’ve been interviewing candidates for jobs over the phone for years and have the right advice to give you the right phone manner for that next phone interview.

  1. Prepare as you would for any job interview so ensure you have thought of the questions you might be asked and prepare some answers, think of some relevant questions to ask about the job, ensure you know your CV and research the company and role you are being interviewed about.
  2. Have a practice with a willing friend or family member or even record yourself talking so you know what you sound like.
  3. Try standing in front of the mirror when you’re on the phone, your face and gestures should be the same as in a face-to-face interview.
  4. Schedule the phone interview at a time when you will have complete peace and turn off anything that could be making a noise, including the TV, washing machine and your mobile.
  5. This may sound mad but dress for it, sitting there in your PJs and old slippers will not put you in the right frame of mind. We’re not suggesting full business suit, but do wear smart clothes and do your hair and make up!
  6. Use a phone line that is free from interference or has a good signal. Avoid mobiles and cordless phones if you can.
  7. Be on time!
  8. Have a glass of water on hand as you may get a dry throat and write notes if you want to (an advantage of a phone interview!) 
  9. Remember to smile, keep your voice clear and slow down when talking but remain animated by varying pace and volume.
  10. Follow  up the phone interview with a ‘thank you’ email. If it comes down to two people and you’re the one that said ‘thank you’ then you will get the job!

Good Luck!

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