Parent Salary Calculator: How Much Would You Earn?

Being a parent is a full time job and one that is most rewarding and fulfilling in all aspects of life. The cost of parenting however, can be a challenge we face when bringing up our children. For all of the parenting that we do, wouldn’t it be great if we were paid a ‘parents salary’?

This month Funky Pigeon have made a calculator tool which explores the salaries of parents based on how many hours we spend doing each ‘job’. They identified 8 tasks that parents spend their time doing for their kids, and found the closest professional equivalent of that task. They then gathered average salaries of chefs, cleaners, nurses, PAs, teachers, taxi drivers, psychologists and of course the domestic/laundry workers, to result in an overall amount being a parents salary.

So when you enter your weekly hours into the tool they are converted into yearly salaries for each of these jobs, giving you a total yearly #ParentSalary

Take a look at the Funky Pigeon Calculator and see how much you would be earning for being a parent ! The results may surprise you !

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