Lone Parents

We have created a special area for Lone Parents on Mum and Working - inspired by the huge response we have had about work that is suitable for one parent families.

Jobs for Lone Parents

Single parent families often face extra challenges when looking for work, above and beyond those faced by families with both parents present. Issues such as - the expense of childcare to cover working hours out-weighing the benefit of working, feeling the pressure of being totally responsible for their children without the support of a partner etc. We have looked at loads of jobs which are suitable for lone parents who want to fit working round looking after their children themselves..and have put together a Top 3 of 'single parent friendly jobs'

1. CHILDMINDER childminding jobs

Enables you to work without the need for childcare yourself. You work from your own home. You determine the hours you want to work (could be simply pre and after school care, doesn't have to be 8-6!). Look after your own children yourself. You don't have to have formal, academic skills.

2. PROOFREADERproofreading jobs

Enables you to work from home. You determine your own hours, most projects have a deadline that you decide how you are going to reach.


We have many jobs in our main Job Directory that offer the chance to work in a self-employed capacity. This means determiningfind out about self employment your own hours - working around your children. Don't think you have to go out and run parties solely in the evening - you can work in the daytime at coffee mornings, playgroups etc..and there is always the option to run a party from your own home.