Top five tips that you wished you known as you entered the workforce as a mum!

We've bought the shoes, we've labelled the clothing, our kids are ready to be sent on their way with a loving peck on the cheek and a wave, perhaps through gritted teeth for some (team mumandworking are saying nothing).

It's back to school, back to work, or in some cases the start of the search for that ideal flexible job. Remember, half term is just around the corner! So work that enables mums to spend time with their children and earn a respectable wage is highly sought over this September.

So, as working parents and experts in the world of family friendly jobs we've come up with a few tips to keep you pointed in the direction, whether you're already in work or are just starting to look.

  • Get super organised - if you haven't already use an online calendar, like Google's and make sure you have access to it on all devices.  Set up reminders, for dentist appointments, parent teacher evenings as well as work commitments and if need be share it with the family. Manager of team mumandworking, Zena, says 'I don't know how I'd manage without the ability to check my schedule on my phone every morning without evening switching on my computer, I schedule the pop up reminders half an hour before each meeting I'm due in so I'm never late, that includes meetings with teachers.'

  • If you're in charge of the family meal time menu, get a chalk board in the kitchen, write down each days culinary delights and stick to them.  If you order your groceries online you'll save money and you'll never be asked 'What's for dinner mum' again.

  • Now you've got some extra spare time make use of it wisely.  The world wide web can be a distracting place.  Set yourself up to get regular email alerts from the website and business that can genuinely help you achieve what you want to, that saves searching the same website every day for vacancies etc Keep focused, don't be tempted to trawl through your facebook feed, but do join the Facebook pages of websites that interest you, it's often the first place that news is fed to.

  • Steal! (not literally) There's a wealth of templates for everything from covering letters, CVs and interview advice on mumandworking - please use and abuse it.

  • Ask.  If you don't ask you don't get.  If you're really keen to work for a specific company or pursue a dream career make enquiries, nobody's going to knock at your door to see if you'd like a job or if you'd like to join a training course.  Send a letter, explaining why you're interested and always follow up with a phone call.

There's many more hints and tips for mums seeking flexible work, why not browse our pages and take a look. And to save you time we've included a selection of family friendly job opportunities here, please do get in touch with these fantastic business owners, they're waiting for your questions.

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