Stay Safe - How to Avoid Job Scams

We vet all of our advertisers, making sure that the jobs offered are only ever genuine flexible working opportunities. But as you trawl the internet looking for that ideal work from home or part time vacancy you’re bound to come across jobs that are not completely genuine.  You can follow our tips below to decide whether the job you’ve seen is a sure fire thing or a scam.

  •  A real job opportunity will not require funds up front, unless that is you’re buying into a franchise or setting up as a direct seller or party planner and paying a deposit for your display stock. Never ever send any confidential information such as bank account details for flexible working opportunties.
  • Do your homework, a quick Google of most companies will reveal what others have to say about them. Even with genuine companies you will find some positive and negative feedback.  We recommend that if you see anything off putting in an online recruitment advert voice your concerns directly to the advertiser.
  • If an unsolicited email drops into your inbox offering you the ideal work from home opportunity for which you need no experience it is more than likely to be a scam.  The old adage ‘if it sounds too good to be true than it probably is’ applies here.
  • What is the job exactly?  If the description of the job is vague and you can’t really understand what will be required of you then approach with caution. Most genuine advertisers are very specific about what they will expect from you as it’s a waste of time for them to deal with applicants that are less than ideal.
  • Your interview should be done either over the phone initially or maybe even using skype, but never ever through instant messaging. If a company does ask to interview you in this way ask if they would mind taking a call instead.
  • As with any business make sure there is a real physical address and that the company has a genuine company registration number in the UK.
  • If you are offered a job you should either have an employment contract or another legal agreement for a direct seller or franchise  - if you don't have this then alarm bells should be sounding.

Every job vacancy placed on mumandworking has been authorised by our experts, we've formed a relationship with each of our recruiters,  this gives you the assurance that any application you make will be to a genuine flexible employer or business owner. You can take a look at our self employed, employed or our franchise opportunities by clicking here.

If you'd like further tips and advice take a look here.

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