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Internet based publishing is a fast-moving and sometimes erratic area with sites springing up and closing all the time. We have detailed some sites below that currently publish online - however this could have all changed by tomorrow!

Fiction and non fiction that will be of interest to women of all backgrounds, sexual orientations and ethnicities.

Science Fiction, horror, mystery and romance.

The world's largest self-publishing house, providing premier book publishing and marketing services for authors.

New hypertext technologies and serious hypertext, fiction and non-fiction: serious, interactive writing.

Electronic book publisher to offer contemporary fiction and non-fiction books, newspapers, and magazines for reading on handheld computers.

Publishes literary fiction and intellectual non-fiction for the general reader, especially works that represent an ‘original’ voice.

Self publishing. Print-on-Demand (POD) publishing.

*Mum and Working cannot be held responsible for the content and availability of any of the above sites.

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